You stay in your prison of fear,

with bars made of hopelessness.

And all you get are three square meals a day of shame!”

Kung Fu Panda 2

We evidently use F words to describe our feelings. Sometimes feeling of anger, resentment, frustration, fear, guilt, blame and so on.

Lets us take fear for example it is a fantastic emotion. Fear is an emotion that can paralyse us into inaction. We all face it on a day to day basis, at different levels. Losing loved ones, losing a job, losing money, respect, our possessions, aging, death, public speaking, being lonely, not being able to express ourselves creatively. And the biggest fear is dying with our music still inside us.

Is it even possible? Can we leave this planet and transcend without fulfilling our purpose? I don’t think so! I feel innately that we are all sent here on purpose. I remember being haunted by this feeling of purpose while I was growing up and I know that I share this feeling with many people. I knew that my life has a purpose and meaning much deeper than learning about war dates, solving equations, formulas, knowing different languages, making money, driving another car, going out with that guy, having bigger house, social acceptability and so on.

So, what can we achieve in absence of fear? The possibilities are endless. May be deep down that is our biggest fear. May be we fear our own magnificence. We know that if we can fly in sky, dive deep in sea, connect everything using algorithms, create virtual world in front of our eyes, build skyscrapers. we can do anything. How can we ever measure our limitlessness? We know that we are here to achieve excellence and not mediocrity.

It’s time to harness this fear into something bigger and life affirming. Here are some practical aspects to guide you-

Thank your fears. Be grateful for their existence. Fear is our ego trying to protect us.

Identify the fear, where is coming from. Is it yours or have you picked it from a well-meaning authority figure? Since all behaviours are learnt, which experience it is mirroring in your life?

Take small steps each day. Move out of your comfort zone inch by inch each day. Inch seems too big? Consider going by centimetres, and move out.

Don’t scare yourself with the outcome. I recently read a bestselling book- FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY by Sussan Jeffers, She writes that, “Security is not in having things, it is in handling things.”

Replace your what ifs.. with “I can handle it”. It immediately transports us from suffering to empowerment. Replace your F as in fear with F as in Faith.


The Act of Worry..


It was 8:40 PM. We were stuck in the unusual downpour in Central Delhi. The traffic was on a standstill with blinking brake lights. I sighed and turned towards her. She was still texting desperately. Her phone rang, this time she chose to answer- “Hello!  No dad I am coming home with a colleague!! I’m stuck in the rain. What!??.. Yes she is a girl! Can we talk about this when I get back home? Ok bye. Nooo. Please now bye. Yes I am Safe!” She disconnected the phone at once. Hiding her rolling tears, she looked the other side. After couple of minutes she finally spoke; “My parents are “worried” about me. How does it matter if I am with a man or a woman?” I nodded in approval. Then she asked me something which still echoes in my head. “Does this mean they love me or does that mean they are trying to have a control over me?” I heard more than she said. I heard the hurt and the disappointment.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles: It takes away tAmerican Author and Metaphysical lecturer, Louise L. Hay says in her teachings that our thoughts are creative. A single thought will not affect us but little drops of same thought collects to make a puddle, a puddle becomes a pond, a pond turns into a river and finally there is an ocean of I DO NOT WANT THIS thoughts. Most of the time these thoughts of worry become true for us as we are too busy feeding them enough to come into our reality.

Your spouse doesn’t answer your phone, you have already planned a divorce and as soon as S/He enters you are all set for a big fight. And in most of the cases people do end up ruining their marriages. Your young daughter comes home late, you sit in the dark living room like a father shown in movies, switching on the lights only to startle her. We know where the following conversation goes. Thank God life is not a movie. Our doctor calls us for an annual health check-up, we end up calling all the relatives and especially the lawyer to have our will papers in place. And finally, if our children happen to receive a C+; we lecture them to death as if they have received an F and failed not just in Maths but also in Life. How can these kids will ever have the confidence to lead a successful, fearless life?

In all the above scenarios the root of all problem is a simple five letter word- Worry.

According to a research done by *National cancer institute, Extreme case of worry can lead to Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Even normal has been associated with negative health outcomes. National Institute of Mental Health NIMH shared an article on anxiety disorder which states that in addition to GAD, excess anxiety can also cause obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, social phobia etc.

Here are some easy steps which will help you to tackle worry at an early stage:

Take Deep Refreshing Breaths

Focus on the positive, Desired or best possible outcome

Trust, Let go and surrender

You and everyone else involved were doing the best they could- No room for blame.

Live in the moment- Don’t dig up past issues

And finally Replace all your worries with prayers.

Sometimes to right ourselves, we argue that since we love and care about a person, we worry about them. Well Love is pure, Love is freedom and Love is Divine. How could something so liberating can be something so burdensome?

The Entrepreneur’s world


I Live in Gurgaon, or Gurugram. Two things are famous in Gurgaon, Shopping malls and start-ups.

I often see, meet and read about budding entrepreneurs who have set out to make it big and I have recently joined the club. The small voice in me would not let me rest on the bed of my new found motherhood. I just cannot have my baby’s little arms wrapped around me, when I know I have a calling similar to those, who are committed not just to succeed but to make a shift. So what separates us from the rest? The drive and the zeal to make a shift, to make it happen, to be there, come what may, and mostly the real thought is- to end the suffering, the pain.

Yes, we are crazy. We don’t follow the rules or bend them. In reality for us, there are no rules. We will do whatever it takes to “make it happen”. Sometimes we are bold, sometimes we are audacious. We don’t believe in carrot or stick, we believe in love, kindness, compassion and mutual trust. We don’t believe in thinking outside the box, we believe that there is no box and the possibilities are endless. We are not problem solvers we are problem abolishers. We try, we fall, we fight, we rise, we walk our talk and we do not stop until we see the shift.

We don’t believe in culture; we believe in obsession.

We know the old ways will not serve our species on this planet, we cannot rest on the food pyramid anymore. Our ideas are not about change; our ideas are about evolution. We talk to animals, plants, angels, crystals, earth and water. We not just get out of our comfort zone but we take a dive, a leap of faith which is often risky, we know we can’t rest without leaving our mark on this planet and be one with the creation. We are innovators, globetrotters, fund raisers, coders, animal rescuers, bird nest builders and tree growers. We are the citizens of this planet. We are weird, we are global, we are non-formal and non-hassled. We are vulnerable, we drop our barriers in a blink. We pick up things from scratch and build them into marvels.

We are dreamers, we are creators, we, my friend, are entrepreneurs.20150222215719-shutterstock-129444167

8 wonders of Life after Heal your Life® (HYL) workshops


HYL pic23175b22b93cc11e1e226aa47c5a6448

I am Licensed and Certified Heal your Life® (HYL) Workshop Leader. I am currently based in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR, India).  My healing journey begun two years back, when I found out that I had developed episodes of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I worked on myself with great self- discipline. I used medicine, and other spiritual practices like Reiki, Yoga, Angel Therapy and Principles of Heal your Life® and created a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. When I did my two day Love yourself heal your life Workshop, I was immediately drawn to share this work with the world.

So here I have put together 8 Life changing practices which you can truly experience after the HYL® workshops:

  1. You Sleep in peace and wake up with enthusiasm and joy

You are ready to welcome the day. You thank your bed. Mornings are peaceful and easy. Sometimes you may even end up singing in the shower. Things which annoyed you earlier about your Spouse, parents, boss, colleagues, friends, In-laws, Children and domestic helps will not matter anymore.

  1. You don’t criticize or complain

You feel at peace with yourself and at home in your body. And since you have learnt to love yourself you can never criticize yourself. Being in peace with oneself is one of the greatest gifts which mankind can give to itself in these stressed times.

  1. You attract like-minded people and pleasant experiences

Since you have stopped criticizing yourself and you are mindful of all the beauty and joy around, you will now attract only loving people and pleasant experiences in your life.

  1. You forgive yourself and others easily

Louise L. Hay once asked-“Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” and now you have known that you would rather be happy. Happiness is a choice we make. It is never governed by circumstance or people. It never has. By forgiving yourself or others, you can still condone the act. However, you have now set yourself free. Once you have detached yourself from the old drama you are now free to use your energy in a constructive way. There is no need to plot or plan a revenge.

  1. Anger can be realised in most safe and constructive way

Anger is a very basic human emotion. If it is supressed it can eat away your body. If it is expressed it can harm and hurt others. Relationships are damaged beyond repair due to anger expressed inappropriately. Here, we now know, how to express our anger without harming anyone.

  1. You feel so much love for yourself and everyone around you

As you know deep with in your heart, there is an infinite well of love. It is absolutely safe for you to look with in. You are here not by some coincidence but to fulfil a purpose. This purpose is greater than any job, any amount of money and any number of relationships.

  1. You can acknowledge Fear

Like anger, fear is also a basic emotion and you have learnt that after acknowledging it, you are free from it. Forever.

  1. Your Life is your masterpiece!

By learning these principles of creating the life you want, you know that your life can become your masterpiece. Any Challenging situation like-Life threatening Dis-eases, Money matters, relationship issues, career obstacles of any gravity can easily be tackled by simply applying these principles and expanding your consciousness.

Most of you who are a part of this group will agree with these wonders as you have created it and are perhaps living it. Those of you who do not agree, need to re-read and understand these principles once again and you can join any of our workshops all year round, in all the major cities in India. We offer great discounts for our second time participants.

And finally, the ones who are committed to make their lives a masterpiece. Ones who are willing to change and create tremendous transformation in their lives can visit:

Or Email

I no longer have patience


Some words echo your thoughts perfectly.

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“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with…

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A Sceptics’ World



 I read about prayers and in my skeptical mind, I say that do prayers always work? There are times when we may not have an immediate answer but in the long run things do work out. Right?

So what is it that makes us so skeptic towards our own belief system? What is it that draws us away from the constant flow of wondrous energy? If we are so connected to the source then how could the feeling of lack haunt us?

 Very often in life, We hear words like this won’t work, or you are not good enough.

 Everything , all our feelings and beliefs can be traced back to our upbringing. I’ve recently learnt that we’ve come to earth to fulfil a purpose, to learn about something. Our life purpose does not just include having a job or career, getting married, having children and accumulating wealth. It is greater than that.

  I realized that we cannot be completely in line with our purpose until we find peace with ourselves. When we are born, we have a clean slate and as we grow up this space becomes cluttered with thoughts from people around us. Once we become aware of our shortcomings and pitfalls can we start over again? This time as adults with no past or future, just the present in hand.

  PS-I came across this scroll, thought this might be a good way to “start over again”